Our Team

Our team consists of twelve colleagues working full and part-time. Amongst us there are qualified teachers, social education workers, political scientists and social scientists, as well as colleagues with practical experience with non-academic and trade unionist political education.

In setting up the team, we consciously chose profiles of experience and education that complement one another, allowing us to offer the necessary scope of competences and qualifications, and to help us deal with the numerous and diverse challenges we face.

Counsellors at the MBR always work in teams of two. Each district in Berlin is also allocated to two members of staff. In complex cases all members of staff work together to analyse the situation and find solutions.

The MBR is in close contact with counselling services from other federal states in Germany. In addition to existing approaches, we develop new concepts together and apply these in local and regional contexts.

If you need support, please contact us at info@mbr-berlin.de or give us a call on 030 817 985 810. You can decide where you would like to meet us. As a mobile counselling service, we are happy to come visit you.

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