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Mitarbeiter_in im Projekt RIAS
Der Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin (VDK) e.V. sucht für das Projekt „Recherche- und Informationsstelle Antisemitismus (RIAS) Berlin“ zum 1. April 2020 Unterstützung. Bewerbungsfrist: 9.3.2020. Die Stellenausschreibung ist als PDF hier zu finden.

Projektleitung und Referent_in für Projekt „Regishut – Sensibilisierung zu Antisemitismus in der Berliner Polizei“
Der Verein für Demokratische Kultur in Berlin e.V. startet sein neues Projekt „Regishut – Sensibilisierung zu Antisemitismus in der Berliner Polizei“. In dessen Rahmen soll Berliner Polizeibeamt_innen des höheren und gehobenen Dienstes u.a. Fachwissen in Bezug auf die verschiedenen Formen von gegenwärtigem Antisemitismus vermittelt, sowie die kontinuierliche Berücksichtigung der Perspektiven der Betroffenen und zivilgesellschaftlicher Akteure eingeübt werden. Für dieses Projekt werden zum 2. Mai 2020 zwei neue Mitarbeiter_innen (Projektleitung sowie Referent_in) gesucht. Bewerbungsfrist: 16.3.2020. Die Stellenausschreibung ist als PDF hier zu finden.

The Mobile Counsel against Right-wing Extremism (MBR) offers advice and support for everybody who is engaged against right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism or wishes to be in the future. It is possible to support the work of MBR and gain experience in MBR’s core areas and fields of action by doing an internship. Please take note of the required qualifications below. As we receive lots of interest in the internship program, we kindly ask you to submit your application approximately 6 to 12 months prior to the desired start of your internship.

MBR offers internships in the following areas:

  • counselling services in the Berlin districts
  • public relations

Depending on fields of interest, qualifications, and workload requirements, interns are able to set their own focus within the diverse areas of MBR’s profile:

  • Processing and compiling background information on the topics of right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism in Berlin (presentations, research dossiers, documentation, analyses, publications)
  • Concept and realization for trainings and workshops as part of counselling services
  • Furthering networking processes of democratic stakeholders engaged against right-wing extremism on the level of neighborhoods, districts, as well as Berlin-wide.
  • Development of neighborhood-specific strategies of action to counter racist, anti-Semitic, and right-wing extremist incidents in social space
  • Support and supervision of district-wide and Berlin-wide measures instructed by the communal administrations
  • Development and support of action-ready concepts for structures of cooperation and communication of stakeholders from the fields of politics, administration and democratic civic society

It is possible to accredit the internship for several university-level degree programs in Germany (e.g. Soziale Arbeit/Sozialpädagogik, Erziehungswissenschaften, Psychologie, Politische Wissenschaften). Please inquire with your school about possibilities and requirements before the start of your internship.

Due to the duration of counselling service processes at MBR, internships should have a minimal duration of at least four months, with an average of 30 to 40 weekly working hours. Conditions can of course be individually negotiated, MBR however is unfortunately not able to pay an allowance for internships.

Your application should include a cover letter containing the desired time period for the internship, a statement of motivation as well as information about your skills, interests, and experiences relevant for your work at MBR as well as your CV (1 page maximum respectively). Please submit your application via email to

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