Mobile Counseling against Right-wing Extremism

Starting in 2001, the Mobile Counseling Team against Right-wing Extremism (MBR – Mobile Beratung gegen Rechtsextremismus in Berlin) has been offering counsel and support to anyone in Berlin willing or needing to become active against right-wing extremism, racism and anti-Semitism.

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Bianca Klose, head of MBR Berlin © MBR Berlin
Protest against Thor Steinar store in Berlin-Friedrichshain © MBR Berlin
Demonstration against a Nazibar 2011 in Berlin-Schöneweide © MBR Berlin
Flag: Berlin against Nazis 2009 © MBR Berlin


  • Some right-wing extremist youth attend our youth club …

… What can we do? Do we have to kick them out? Or should we try to cater towards their needs, so they won’t cause trouble elsewhere? How can we draw these youth in without pushing others out?

  • “Nazis” are marching in a demonstration …

… How can the organization I work for become engaged in protest? Where do initiatives meet? Where can I get information, materials, and supplies? And how do I create a successful press campaign?

  • As a teacher I observe a rising resentment towards Israel among my students. My colleagues do not agree with my perception …

… how does one distinguish between anti-Semitism and a critique of the Israeli government’s policies? How can awareness and support be promoted among colleagues? Which steps can be taken? What course material is available, what projects can be developed? Whom can I cooperate with?

  • Living in a high-rise neighborhood on the outskirts of Berlin is sometimes hard for punk rock kids like me …

… Where can I find like-minded people? I want to take up action, perhaps become engaged politically, but how? Is there a youth group to join? How can people like me find a space to hang out, may-be even a youth club?

  • Neighborhood conflicts around noise or garbage are pretty common where I live. However, the Germans here often blame their non-white and/or foreign-born neighbors for these problems, attributing deviant behavior to differences in “cultural” or “ethnic” background. Oftentimes this is accompanied by a vague and confused demand to assimilate to the ways of the “normal”, meaning white and native, population.

How can I address the conflict in a factual fashion? How can it be resolved without applying racialized patterns? How can communication between neighbors with different backgrounds and history be improved?

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What is Mobile Counseling against Right-wing Extremism?

  • Mobile
  • Counseling
  • against Right-wing Extremism

How does Mobile Counseling work?

  • Awareness – Analysis – Action


  • Support for victims of attacks and hate crimes
  • School and youth work
  • Youth activism
  • “No-go areas”: right-wing extremism in public spaces
  • Civic protests against right-wing manifestations
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