An active civic society against right-wing extremism

Strengthening a civic society active against right-wing extremism is one of MBR’s main goals and a long-term necessity of working towards fostering democracy.

MBR’s activities take place on two levels:

  1. The main part of our engagement consists in the development of initiatives (such as citizens’ or youth action committees or alliances) and support (in finding goals, moderating processes, development of projects, development of concepts in communication and public relations, fund-raising, etc.).
  2. The second level of our engagement concerns the Berlin-wide, district-wide, and local networking of existing initiatives. On occasions such as round table discussions, events, projects, actions, as well as exchange beyond the districts.

A pivotal component of our counseling services for initiatives from civic society is the mediation of information on right-wing extremism and racism. In a case-specific manner, MBR provides expertise and experience from further areas, for example in finding forms of civic societal activities to vitalize public space, where knowledge from urban planning, sociology, as well as artistic practices is put into action. When counseling youth initiatives, knowledge from youth work and media training proofs to be useful.

A further central aspect of MBR’s work in the realm of civic society is the establishment of political publicity, of connections of civic society and politics, as well as the recognition of actors in civil society as ‘local experts’. The means to achieve this are manifold and range from case-specific networking to the foundation of action committees and the systematic appreciation of civic societal potential in local plans of action (see Lokalen Aktionsplänen (German only)).

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