The school as a societal institution for democracy

In MBR’s view, the school presents a vital institution which acts as an important authority of socialization for youth and young people. Dealing with right-wing extremism, it should therefore act as a reliable partner in fostering the ideals of democracy.

Teachers as target group

Schools have to be put into perspective bearing their immediate social and spatial context in mind. Hence, the staff have to be aware of current developments of right-wing extremist activities (and those oriented towards right-wing extremism) outside the schoolyard as well as transformations in right-wing extremist lifestyles, symbols, and codes. Only then will they be able to preventively act in the context of right-wing extremism.

Transfers of knowledge by networking in civic society and youth work

MBR provides support locally regarding the transfer of knowledge and information. MBR establishes networking capacities with further local actors working in youth centres and other associations of civic society to foster democracy. A prerequisite is the willingness of the respective school’s governing body to allow access to the school in order to place the institution in its social context.

Students as target group

Students or pupils constitute the second vital target group. Differentiated concepts allow MBR to offer material with a specific thematic focus tailored to the respective student’s age group. The ‘chronicle workshop’ for instance was developed especially to propose local means of action to students. The principle of teaching to act and reflect based on human rights forms the basis of MBR’s methods and contents of workshops and programs in the framework of school project days.

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