Interventions in youth work

As an issue spanning the entire society, right-wing extremism is not limited to youth. However, it shows specific characteristics in this field.

Strengthening of non-right-wing everyday culture and dealing with right-wing(-oriented) youth

According to the latest insights of scientific research on possibilities and limitations of intervention in youth work, MBR moderates long-term processes to strengthen non-right-wing everyday culture as well as processes to reach out to right-wing extremist youth and those oriented towards right-wing extremism.

Analysis of social space as strategy and method in fostering democracy

Orientation in social space as strategy and method is systematically employed and further developed by MBR. This makes protagonists in youth work vital partners in the process of fostering democracy.

To support the work on-site, MBR has developed a pattern analysis “orientation in social space for dealing with right-wing extremism in youth work”, as a basis for colleagues in youth works to continue the process initially supported by MBR self-directed.

Counseling: case-specific, project-, and process-oriented

The spectrum of MBR’s counseling services can be divided into case-specific, project-, and process-oriented work. The clientele includes youth, youth groups, employees in youth work, teams working in self-initiated youth projects, as well as topic-specific working groups (according to §78 KJHG), and staff and directors of the youth welfare offices.

According to requirements and the respective client’s levels of action, the idea of prevention or the placement of professional ways of reaction to occurred incidents with a right-wing extremist background is focused. In both contexts, networking and communication of all actors involved is supported.

Goals and results

Essential goals and results of the counseling services are raising awareness, skill enhancement, and professionalization, development of concepts and quality standards in dealing with right-wing extremist youth and those oriented towards right-wing extremism.

further reading and sources (German only)

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Ein Auszug aus der Handreichung wurde im Themenschwerpunkt Rechtsextremismus der Bundeszentrale für politische Bildung veröffentlicht.

Zum Artikel ‘Rechtsextreme Jugendkulturen’ bei bpb.de

Einen weiteren Auszug finden Sie dort unter dem Schwerpunkt “Rezepte gegen Rechtsextremismus”.

Zum Artikel ‘Empfehlungen für die Jugendarbeit’ bei bpb.de

Rezension der Broschüre auf Mut-gegen-rechte-Gewalt

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