Information on district-specific and the social-spatial constellation of issues and incidents with a right-wing extremist, anti-Semitic, or racist background form the basis of all counseling services of MBR. This concerns all our fields of action.

The central fields of action of MBR are:

The analytical approach is carried out across all fields of action. Depending on the required expenditure of time, MBR distinguishes between a so-called ‘outlining’ of an issue, and the analysis of the social and spatial constellation.

‘Outline’ or ‘snapshot’ of an issue

An ‘outline’ or ‘snapshot’ of an issue constitute a foundational step of our work.

They are compiled as requested and give a detailed overview of the respective issue’s dimensions on-site, be it inside an institution or within its surroundings.

Analyses of social and spatial constellations

Analyses concerning whole districts or social spaces require a greater expenditure of time, as there are typically several actors within a district who are counselled, or the analyses are part of a specific commission by an institution. Usually, the commissioner’s intention is to become able to develop a specific plan of action responding to the analysis of right-wing extremism, racism, and anti-Semitism.

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