Gender und Rechtsextremismus

gender roles in contemporary right-wing extremism

What are the differences in motivation to join right-wing extremist scenes for boys and girls respectively? What role do images of the “real man” and the “caring woman” play? What significance do gender and family politics have within the right-wing extremist agenda?

Distinct gender identity is a foundation of a right-wing extremist world view. The ideal of the “hard-working” and fierce man and the caring woman looking after home and children can be traced throughout. Aggressive anti-feminism and the fight against gender equality make a substantial part of right-wing extremist propaganda today.

The training discusses the significance of gender roles for the functioning of the right-wing extremist order. Furthermore, right-wing extremist positions concerning the family, “gender mainstreaming”, and homosexuality are introduced and possible points of contact with social discourses on gender are discussed.

Duration: 3 to 6 hours

Women in contemporary right-wing extremism

Are women less right-wing extremist than men? What role do women play within right-wing extremist scenes? What are their motives to become active in right-wing extremist organizations, and what functions do they adopt? And how does the public image of right-wing extremism change through women’s commitment?

The media and the public perceive right-wing extremism to be a predominantly male phenomenon. RIght-wing extremist orientations, however, are popular among girls and women especially. And the commitment of women in right-wing extremist scenes is becoming more and more normal and more diverse – be it as the guardian of the family or the street fighter, the party activist or musician – while a traditionally reactionary image of women still prevails.

The seminar illuminates roles and forms of organization of right-wing extremist women and girls, it discusses the discrepancies of propagated and actual ideas of femininity, and poses the question of where transformation of gender roles occurs in current right-wing extremism.

Duration: 1,5 to 3 hours

Right-wing extremist constructions of masculinity

What significance does the notion of a “natural” superiority of men versus women have in right-wing extremism? What is a right-wing extremist man? And what importance does sexism have in right-wing extremist ideology?

Right-wing extremist violence is almost exclusively committed by males, right-wing extremist youth scenes are defined by openly chauvinist and ostentatively aggressive behaviour. Right-wing extremist ideology is an ideology of masculinity pretending to create the “true” male. However, the relationship of right-wing extremism and constructions of masculinity is hardly discussed.

The training reflects what correlation of masculinities and right-wing extremism exists and what significance it has for a practice of prevention of right-wing extremism.

Duration: 1,5 to 3 hours

Strategies for gender-reflective practices within the prevention of right-wing extremism

What do the interests of boys and girls in right-wing extremist fields of experience have in common with notions of one’s own masculinity or femininity? How can the integration of the discussion of specifically right-wing extremist gender roles succeed within pedagogical practice? Which concepts are recommended when working with boys? And which for girls?

In social education with youth oriented towards right-wing extremism, a gender-specific view-point is not established yet. The work is focussed on boys and young men, girls and young women are less likely to be identified as a target group for specific programs of prevention and intervention. Furthermore, gender constructions associated with right-wing extremism are hardly the subject of a critical inquiry.

In the training, approaches to gender-reflective practices with youth are introduced, which can prove useful in broadening the pedagogical perspectives in the prevention of right-wing extremism. It is discussed which programs make sense when working with boys and girls respectively, and how the discussion of the construction of gender roles can successfully be implemented in social education.

Duration: 2 days

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