Auseinandersetzung mit Rechtspopulismus und Rechtsextremismus

Program, topics, and strategies of the NPD

Is the NPD a democratic party, only because it is not illegal? Or has the NPD the same aims as the NSDAP? What is the NPD’s attitude towards violence? Which topics does it aim to appropriate, and which strategies does it pursue?

The NPD, Nationaldemokratische Partei Deutschlands, is the largest and most active right-wing extremist party in Germany. It specifically takes up the topics of unemployment and the Euro crisis. In Berlin, it is present in a few district councils. At the same time, it is tightly interlocked with the militant scene.

In the training, essential fields of action and topics of the NPD are presented. An analysis of the program, pamphlets, speeches, and comments of the NPD in communal parliaments shall illuminate their racist and anti-Semitic ideas. Based on this evaluation and the experiences of the participants, possibilities of action and democratic positioning will be discussed.

Duration: 1,5 to 3 hours

Right-wing populism and anti-Muslim racism

What is anti-Muslim racism, and where are the borders of a legitimate criticism of Islam? What are the topics that right-wing populist organizations try to appropriate and what do they have in common with known right-wing extremist parties?

In Germany, especially the party PRO Deutschland tries to reach voters beyond the right-wing extremist spectrum. Their slogan “Islamization? No thank you!” incites against Muslims and evokes a threat posed by an allegedly “foreign culture”. They tie questions of religious belief to processes of integration and thereby try to make a form of racism based on cultural and religious ideas socially acceptable.

The training illuminates essential elements of anti-Muslim racism and aims to heighten awareness for the political style and ideologies of right-wing populism. Furthermore, it shall be discussed in how far strategies of action in response to right-wing extremism can be applied when dealing with right-wing populists.

Duration: 3 to 4 hours

Communication training against racist and right-wing extremist patter

Are migrants blamed for high unemployment and low wages in conversations at the bar? Is the neighbor insulted because she is Muslim? Does your colleague think Sarrazin has a point?

Racist and right-wing extremist patter oftentimes produces insecurities about “proper” behavior and necessary reaction. Those who wish to effectively counter it should be informed and be able to adequately judge the situation as well as be aware of one’s own possibilities and limitations.

The communication training aims at providing tools for an adequate response, regarding both content and method, and is thereby able to bolster the participant’s confidence of action. Counter arguments are compiled for statements such as “Muslims do not fit here”, or “foreigners steal our jobs”. Based on the experiences of the participants, modes of action are discussed and put to test in role play.

Duration: 6 to 8 hours

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