Auseinandersetzung mit Rechtsextremismus in kommunalen Gremien

Members of the NPD or right-wing populists have been elected into the district council and keep provoking with ideologically explicit contributions, for example racist speech or demands? Or they stage themselves as caring for the citizen’s concerns by putting in “shop window petitions” concerning local issues? The communal democratic politicians are not sure how to react? After an initial outrage, the commitment against the right-wing extremists has run out of steam?

The district councils are essential fields of action of the far right’s aim to dominate. Communal committees thus become the focus of right-wing extremist and populist strategies. At the communal level, the ground shall be prepared for success at the level of the federated states and federal politics. In Berlin, the NPD uses several district councils as a stage of agitation, rehearsal forum and resource to gain information and stabilize own structures, since 2006.

In the training, vital strategies of right-wing extremists and populists in the communal committees are presented. By comparison with county-wide and supra-regional situation, the participant’s sensibility is practiced. Based on own experiences and the participant’s questions, promising strategies and ways of argumentation for democrats are discussed. The training is addressed to democratic politicians on the district level, as well as those interested engaged in communal administration and civil society.

Duration: 1,5 to 2,5 hours.

Please contact us at oder or give us a call: 030 – 240 45 430.

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