Umgang mit Rechtsextremen bei Veranstaltungen und Infoständen

Right-wing extremists at public events

Are you afraid that right-wing extremists will attend an event you organized in order to cause disturbance by provocation, and to intimidate other visitors? Have you possibly experienced yourself how right-wing extremists attempted to dominate a debate by permanent contribution and comments?

The so-called strategy-of-speaking-out, or „Wortergreifungsstrategie“, has been part of the extreme right’s repertoire of action for more than a decade. Again and again, it is employed in the attempt to gain room for their anti-democratic, inhuman ideology.

The training aims at pointing out precautions to make sure your event will not be turned into a stage for right-wing extremists. We offer arguments and support to reach an exclusion of right-wing extremists, we show juridical possibilities and give practical hints for preparation and realization of events.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Handling right-wing extremists at democratic information and campaign booths

What can you do when right-wing extremists make themselves at home at your democratic party’s campaign booth? How to react when you get entangled into a conversation on “those foreigners”? What are possibilities to prevent right-wing extremists from bagging stacks of your information brochures?

Again and again, right-wing extremists visit the information booths of democratic parties to unsettle or intimidate the people present there. In such situations, it proves difficult to maintain an appropriate reaction, especially if there was no common agreement made on the course of action and division of responsibilities prior to the event.

The training aims to help preparing for the presence of right-wing extremists at information booths by developing common strategies and by practicing the participant’s competence in conveying content and moderating communication.

Duration: 1 to 2 hours

Please contact us at oder or give us a call: 030 – 240 45 430.

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