Hilfe bei Anmietungsversuchen durch Rechtsextreme

Dealing with right-wing extremist leasing requests

Does the NPD plan to hold a party convention in your town hall and quotes the claim to equal treatment under the party law? Did PRO Deutschland put in a request with the municipal administration to use space, and you are faced with the duty to react immediately?

Right-wing extremists and populist organizations and parties have been trying for a long time to use public spaces and occupy them with their racist ideas. Oftentimes, democrats when trying to prevent this misuse of public space are confronted with the dilemma that public spaces are meant to be open for everybody, and thus also to those abusing them for the constriction and abolishment of democratic rights.

In the training, judicial means are presented which can help to ward off or at least control the attempts of right-wing extremists to misuse public space. We outline the legal framework and judicial grounds, options of designing a contract and its termination, as well as possibilities of prevention. Furthermore, political measures to grant support in specific situations are discussed.

Duration: 4 to 6 hours

Please contact us at info@mbr-berlin.de oder or give us a call: 030 – 240 45 430.

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